Attachment to outcome

I am feeling much happier today, after being in this really sad space for the last eight days or so. I’m currently on a course called ‘healthy relationships’ where we are talking about mental toxins, there are actually a few of these toxins namely greed, jealousy, anger, lust and attachment. One of these  really stands out to me which is attachment.

I don’t know why I’ve always felt SO attached to an outcome or result even when it doesn’t make sense, no matter how many people I discuss it, get it off my chest, it just keeps coming back to me. In essence if I don’t get it, the way that I want to get upset.

Reading this back is a little embarrassing in itself, as it sound like the behaviour of a child! Having said that, I feel grateful to have bought so much awareness around this. I’ve been consciously working on my personal development over the last couple of weeks to dig deep into why I’m affected in the way that I am, so I’m feeling much better this week.

So just in case I was really rude to you or ignored you in any way, shape or form or was not myself my usual bubbly self, I’m really sorry! I Just came out of space.

Feeling super awesome now and re-energised after my circuits class first thing in the morning is always so good. Feeling pumped for a solid week ahead and I’m also really grateful for the next FITBANKER challenge which is coming up which has nineteen coaches from four continents and six time zones across the globe of which I have the opportunity to lead.

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