The importance of accountability

I am becoming very present to how important accountability is in getting to my goals. This morning for example, my gym buddy is not around because he’s travelling. Here I am, forcing myself to get up and hold myself accountable and get to the gym. In doing that, I’m late because I’m lying in bed for an extra hour! Why? Because I know there’s no one I’m reporting to.

I appreciate that ultimately, the accountability has to come from within, however, I just don’t feel i’m there yet. The whole thing reminds me of a Sanskrit term : “Antaryami ” which loosely translated means “Inner Motivator” or “the one who controls from within”.

While me even going to the gym is a massive upgrade from where I was in the past, I’m really tuning into how important that accountability is to have someone that is holding you to a higher standard to get you to your goals. I’m just so grateful this morning and this experience is going to be my gratitude journal, specifically one for my training buddy, Drijen and two, for the FITBANKER community for just creating all these structures for us.

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