Life lessons from my vocal coach

Today, i’d like to share a beautiful life lesson this morning from my guitar instructor, he was talking about timing and the way that my chords are not landing quite where they should be relative to the beat.

I sent him a voice note in between our lessons for some feedback, it contained me playing a set of chords (as best I could) to a beat, In my very words to him – I asked: “Isn’t the timing okay?” , his response was GOLDEN “The timing IS okay, do you want it to just be okay or do you want it to be BANG ON?”

For me, THAT really was geared at everything in my life right now. I just became really present asking myself, hey, what kind of life do I really want to live? Does it want to be like something that’s average? Just kind of getting by and “just okay”, as he said.

Somewhere at the back of my mind , I really just want to park the chords and move on to the vocals as I enjoy that part a lot more. At the same time, I have to remind myself that my music is more about the journey and not the destination.

So just a beautiful reminder this morning, I know that I choose 100 times over the best version of myself – the “Bang On” version. That’s why I got myself up and in the gym this morning. First time. Since I had my second COVID-19 jab. I had been making lots of excuses. Parking that aside I got my best session done and ready to rock the day.

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