Continuing my martial arts training

It’s been a really long time I posted to my blog, I’ve had a really long day which started with a 7am fit box class at the gym. Only three people turned up to the class out of the twelve that were registered. I think the trainer wasn’t to happy with that and decided to make it just that  little bit more intense then normal, which was … well “fun”.

After that, I did little of my own workout, mainly cardio and little bit of punch bag work as I’m not doing much strength training at the moment. My only priority is training Choi Kwang Do and opening Rickmansworth Choi Kwang Do which aligns perfectly with my greater WHY.

Following all that, a long day work, meetings throughout and yet a productive day, got lots done. Then a FITBANKER head coaches call in the evening where we were planning for the next 90 day challenge.

My highlight was this evening, I’ve just coming back from my martial arts class with Mr Abid Musa an excellent, EXCELLENT class. We did some work on patterns to warm up and then some offence drills. What I liked is Mr Musa really bought my awareness to some of the kicking techniques that I’m executing and specifically where I can improve, which is really useful for where I am in my martial arts journey at present.

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