Quality communication paints pictures

I’m just walking back to the office, reflecting on my meeting with Jonathan Hughes of Wordzup. I really loved and enjoyed the way he communicated. I can see he’s really good at what he does as a creative catalyst because of the way in which he explained his business to me. What he did, was paint a very clear picture in my mind.

It really was a unique interaction because as he described what he does for businesses, I found myself drawing out the image in my mind. I could SEE his work. 

It got me thinking, that’s such an important part of quality communication especially in the space of selling. If you can paint a picture of BOTH the problem and the solution in the mind of the prospect, your conversions naturally increase. Why is that? You might ask, well It’s because the mind is such a visual tool it works in terms of images.

let’s look at a well know (any my favourite) example, when I say the word “Pink Elephant”, you don’t SEE the letters P, I, N, K,   E, L, E, P, H, A, N, T. you visualise an elephant that is pink. So communicating, with the ability to paint a picture is an extremely effective, powerful way of explaining & describing anything to anyone.

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