Hydration & Flexibility

I Just finished my circuits class in the gym this morning with Clinton Chan, as always, it was an awesome class, like really good. He brought something to my attention which had been neglecting around hydration.

The topic came up because I’m working on my flexibility at the moment, especially my range of motion by doing static and dynamic stretching for the martial art. To be able to increase that range of motion is essential for me based on feedback the Grand Master Choi has given me. Back in April 2021, I applied to Choi Kwang Do headquarters to open my own school. The application consists of a set of videos which need to be submitted of current Patten (in the martial art call a ‘Jang’).

Grand Master Choi’s feedback was that I need:
1. A better range of motion, kicking at LEAST waist height and
2. Flow of techniques (which I totally agree with)  

Hence I’ve been working on improving my stretching which in all honesty, I’m not being consistent with right now. So it’s great to have brought to the forefront of my mind, the importance of hydration in and around that objective.

Clinton mentioned that the joints need sufficient lubrication for them to be mobile and part of that comes from enough water intake. When I looked into it further, I realised the human body is made up of 70% water, which also means the muscles are 70% water… lack of proper hydration means they won’t extend and contract in the way they would IF they were fully hydrated.

So I’m really going to be really mindful this week around how much water I’m drinking, I’ll be aiming for two litres a day. Right now (and I’m embarrassed to admit this) I’m getting maybe 700 – 800 ml per day.

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