Seven day hydration challenge

I’m setting up a seven day challenge for myself to drink at least two litres of water every single day. My idea here is to capitalise on my blogging community, to keep me accountable. Two days in, I’m experiencing some really interesting benefits.

Obviously, yes, I’m going to the bathroom a lot more than I was before! Yet the pro’s include my sleep that has improved so much from just drinking two litres of water the last two days, I can’t believe it!

I thought that my sleep was bad because of some kind of stress or workload or something else. Or maybe because I’m not doing as much cardiovascular activity as I have been in the past. Actually, it was none of those things. It was just water!

Water intake it the only variable that I’ve changed. Something else really interesting as well is that I feel more motivated and I feel happier. Just drinking two litres of water. This has been really – no other word for it… Epic!

I’m going to keep going for these seven days and just review at the end how I feel so I can form this into a habit. Obviously, it’s not about just doing seven days, the seven days is just designed to give me like a little bit of a kick start so to speak, to make this into something I do naturally.

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