Choi kwang do black belt grading

Today is the Choi Kwang Do London regional Black Belt grading. It’s a unique event that only takes place twice a year where students who’ve been training to get up to their Black Belt come, to see if they can pass an examination to achieve either their first, second or third degree black belt. The grading is held in one central location, where students from all over London will be assessed by an examiner to see if they can get to their next rank.

It’s always an amazing event because there’s a real powerful lineup of examiner’s some of the most senior Choi Kwang Do examiner’s in the world are in London so we’re really blessed to have that. It’s also always a great atmosphere with a great family vibe.

Parents of children that attend are often moved to tears, as they see their children perform their entire syllabus in a long, and physically demanding examination.

The one I’m attending  is going to be the first ‘in person’ one since lockdown lifted so it will be interesting to see how that shifts the dynamic, especially as many children & adults have been limited to training over zoom for quite a while now.

In any case, I’m really excited to be a part of it and even potentially have the opportunity to conduct one of the gradings standing next to the examination table. That’s always a privilege to do and is a real test of my public speaking skills along with voice projection.  

It’s always great to see the work that the students have put in to get to the next rank in the martial, especially when they receive their new belt if they’re successful at the grading.

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