all the things i’m grateful for today

This morning, I really want to talk about attachment. Being totally authentic, it’s something that I am really challenged by. I’m using the word “challenged” because first of all a challenge is something that can be overcome. Secondly, It’s not a problem or an issue. It’s just that, a challenge.

What I’m finding is that I get hooked onto something and then I really want it and then if I don’t get it, it makes me upset and not just upset… but angry.

I think that that is attributing to the huge highs I’m experiencing followed by huge lows, because like, when I tick off all the items on my to-do list – I feel amazing and productive. I think there’s a large part of attachment here, like I have to nail ALL my to-do’s to make me happy. When I miss items and things spill over to the next day, I get this huge dip and that spirals (sometimes out of control) so I really want to practice detachment here.

So I am doing some work on detachment in a course called healthy relationships. I’m super grateful for the healthy relationship’s family. Community is just so SO important, and I love that it exists in my world in abundance.

I’m also grateful for the LinkedIn challenge that I’m doing this week with Charlie Whyman – it’s so good, ALSO for the boxfit class that I just did with Clinton – there’s a photo of this family on the banner! Next up, I’m also grateful for the kickass martial arts class with Mr. Abid Musa has this evening – that’s going to rock!

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