Mind body connection in dream state

I want to tell you about a dream that I had last night #DontJudge. As you know (if your reading my prior posts) and following my journey, I’m working consistently on my martial arts techniques and flexibility. Specifically, I’m working on improving some of the angular kicking techniques. And example is the ‘Reverse Swing Kick’.

I feel overflowing with gratitude for the (what can only be described as angels) that are helping me along the way for example, Master Keith Banfield, Master Sacchin Shah, Mr Abid and Mrs Alia Musa as well.

Clearly, these people have been at the forefront of my mind as I had this dream last night that I was in Mr Abid Musa’s dojang and we were working on the ‘swing kick’ technique. I kicked the swing kick so perfectly AND at head height, it was technically amazing. The first thing I did was run over to Mr Abid Musa and gave him a big hug! Totally inappropriate in the martial art – and it really just displayed a level of enthusiasm I had for the achievement. Something I’ve been working consciously on, for well over a year.

Now what was really interesting, was when I woke up in the morning, my glute, hamstring and calf were aching a little which must have been an actual reaction from the dream. Kicking at that level, must have strained a little and there is clearly a mind body connection there as well. An interesting, powerful dream, bringing to the forefront of my awareness that you have to see it first in the mind for it to happen in reality.

I’m determined to live my dream, I know it’s possible to even further improve my technique and kicking height and I live the principle of the martial art: Perseverance.

In the words of Swami Vivekananda: “Arise. Awake, Stop not till the goal is reached”.

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