My thought sublimation journey

I just finished a boxing class at the gym and my knuckles are bleeding – First time I’ve trained at that level of intensity. There was blood, sweat, fortunately no tears. As normal, I then did a little of my own training, with a set of martial art patterns. I always like to do some kind of work for the martial art to keep my knowledge present and up to date.

However, I tracked an opposing thought which came to me this morning – which was my own mind talking to me and saying “Hey, actually Rish, you don’t need to know your whole syllabus/curriculum of by heart, because you are not a school owner”. In THAT exact moment, I got to catch the thought. I realised, hey – I’m cheating myself AND the students that I serve in the school that I presently teach in. THEN I realised: if I keep thinking like that, then that’s the thought that will keep recurring and eventually it will become my reality as well.

[Now me talking back to my own mind] : Hey mind, thanks for that.. AND FYI: I AM a school owner, I do know my material and if there are any gaps in my knowledge of the Choi Kwang Do curriculum I will continue to work on it and refine my technique.

As so much of the syllabus has changed, due to upgrades in Choi Kwang Do it is important as a head instructor myself AND NOT ONLY A HEAD INSTRUCTOR, as a school owner that I do know the syllabus inside out. That’s what I personally need to do now to have me feel I’m in alignment. The business I’m in is called Selling in Alignment, I want to be in alignment throughout all aspects of my life because that’s what integrity means to me.

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