intuitive massage and flexibility progress

I’m feeling very calm & relaxed after an awesome massage. I’ve had three massages with the same person and I have to say, he is nothing short of incredible.

What I love, why I resonate so much, is he is really intuitive. He is able to adapt the massage for what the person needs. When I asked him what kind of massage it was, he laughed and said “everyone asks that, there’s no one answer – I adapt it, today we did some shiatsu and lymph drainage”

I’m really happy that he said he can see so much progress in my in my being, and even my posture, he said there is a big change in the hips, glute which have opened up so much more. I only see him once every two months – so I’m sure he sees the difference in range of motion that I have. It’s the dynamic stretching work that I have been doing – which he could tell.  he identified additional, really interesting things, i.e. he said I’m not drinking enough water – which he was spot on about – I’ve let water slide since the challenge I did. He must have some kind of sixth sense or even be a clairvoyant or something like that.

Maybe he can just read it from me somehow – or maybe not? In any case, he has 25 years of experience so he’s very intuitive, but it was just amazing.

After these massages I usually feel different sensations. Today I’m feeling really tired, very much like I could sleep for a few hours. The first time however, while driving back home, the whole way I could not stop laughing. It was a very different, strange and happy experience.

What’s there for me is gratitude that he mentioned that he can see progress over the last nine months and if I just continue to chip away, do what I’m doing, I’ll get to my flexibility goal.

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