Massage reflections and gratitude

I’m still reflecting on that massage I had yesterday, I said the therapist was good, that he was a clairvoyant and I don’t really feel like I gave many good reasons for that. Here’s what I picked up on – he was telling me that I was not drinking enough water, that in itself was a big one – and he is absolutely right about. After I did that 7 day water challenge of which there were only five days where I drank two litres, I didn’t really keep that consistency. That’s one that I can re-start without waiting for the new year.

Another point he raised was something he said “in the western world, people generally are doing things for a certain purpose to make money or for fame”.

He asked me “why don’t you just do this for the sake of doing it”? That really got me thinking because again, he was spot on. I want to get the flexibility so that I can open a martial arts school to create for myself a stream of revenue, and I never thought about it for the love of really just the martial art itself, for the challenge of growth or for going at it for the purposes of enjoyment.. quite powerful don’t you think?

Final thoughts of the year is an expression of gratitude for YOU. Thank you for all you all my readers for all your support this year. Thank you for reading my material. Thank you for supporting and cheering me on. Thank you for holding me to account and for being amazing.

Best wishes to each and every one of you for the new year, just sending you lots and lots of love and light and go out there set goals, achieve them, smash them and keep standing in gratitude every single day for all of the beautiful blessings that each of you have in your lives.

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