Detachment leading to meditation

Happy New Year to you all! What are your goals this year? What are you looking to achieve and what changes are you putting in place to really make it happen?

I’m still reflecting on that amazing massage that I had last week and what the therapist said really stuck with me, “don’t do your stretching, the routine, for any purpose. Let go of any outcome or desire. Do it, for the sake of doing it, do it because you get to be in the present moment”.

That really got me thinking because if you do something just to be in the present moment, there’s no attachment, which is my challenge right now. If there is no attachment AND your in the present you’re in a space of meditation because there are no thoughts.

So that was a beautiful thing that just struck me this morning – and I really wanted to share. It’s something that I’ve been really kind of working around is that – attachment, which I’ve spoken about a lot recently on my blog.

Attachment is something I am actively being challenged by as long as I can remember. There seems to be an inherent idea of doer ship that ‘Rishi is doing this’. ‘Rishi is the head coach of a January fitness challenge leading > 170 people’.

Maybe a case but I really feel like my ego is coming in and I’m letting that get to my head. So that doesn’t work for me – bringing awareness to it.

I’m starting this January fitness challenge next week Monday with the idea that the universe is working through me, I get to witness all this happening and all these incredible transformations are going to happen through me NOT by me.

It applies in my own coaching business as well because I’m thinking about all the amazing clients I’m going to have in Selling In Alignment, how they will get to transform their relationship around selling and self worth and how all of it happens THROUGH me.

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