Alignment of thoughts, feelings and actions

I have been overseeing some more coaches training this morning, the conversation was around really being the best version of ourselves for the people we want to serve.

What is the ultimate way in which we can do that? For me – it’s about being in alignment in three aspects of the being – head, heart, and hands.

What do I mean by that? Naturally, when standing straight, the head & heart are already in alignment. The hands are not in the alignment, they might be out to the side but your head and your heart are in alignment.

Am I talking about the physical head and the heart? No, I’m talking specifically about the thoughts, what you feel and what you do. Your thoughts (originating in the head), feelings (originating in the heart), and your deeds (actions the hands take) should ideally be in alignment. When you are that, you are an example of the knowledge that you’re teaching.

That’s the most powerful way of being. What you’re thinking, what you’re feeling and what you’re doing are in total alignment. If you want to coach anyone, that is the most effective way to really communicate a powerful message through being the example yourself first.

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