Are leadership and service linked?

I’m training some coaches at the moment who really queried this and so I wanted to explore this. It’s beautiful because I believe that these two words are intrinsically linked, I cannot separate them.

I can’t have leadership without service because if I do, leadership becomes conditional which is limited and anything that’s limited is going to be finite in nature and I then cannot expand into true unlimited and limitless potential.

Leadership really needs me, and the coaches I train and work with to be the best version of themselves at the ultimate level of authenticity. Coaches need to understand they are the example for others and they are leading through that example. I’ll never forget what Master Keith Banfield told me repeatedly from his twenty plus years of teaching experience – “The best way to teach in the martial art is the three E’s… Example, Example and Example.”

I genuinely believe that when we should always lead by example and the same thing applies in coaching & leadership. Although it is different from teaching, the concepts still stand.

Be it coaching or teaching, I am in a position of leadership and I am serving. When I am serving, I am unconditional because in true service I expect nothing back in return and give from a full cup.

There are no conditions in place like ‘I’m going to show up this or that way’. If I do show up a certain way that is conditional and I won’t get the best level of results that I otherwise could. When I put service and I serve because that is who I am, I’m leading effortlessly and effectively.

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