Shining a light

Before Christmas, I had been talking a lot about attachment. I’ve really been working on myself, I keep reviewing where I am with it. I keep asking myself, how attached am I to x, y and z. I’m putting in a lot of effort into something, what happens if I don’t get it?

The best thing and my biggest blessing really is community. The people who I consciously choose to surround myself with. When I look back, review myself and my own relationship to ‘attachment’ I see if one way – when I get the view of a coach, it’s like shining a light on that which I’m not seeing. It’s such a liberating feeling. Knowing that I am doing that professionally through Selling In Alignment and Rickmansworth Choi Kwang Do school is an amazing feeling!

On review, what am I really attaching to at the moment? It’s the goals that I’ve set for 2022 in health, wealth, relationships, and all of those good things. I need goals, it sets a target.. however, I feel like I’ve created goals and am almost obsessing on them coming true – or ‘attaching’.

So as always, I’m bringing the awareness & shining the light – which is always the first step in changing anything.

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