Old narratives running the show

I realized this morning there is still a lot of ego in my life, that’s externally manifesting in different ways, shapes, and forms. I’ve been taking time out to really take a step back and see it and it’s and interesting experience.

Having a sense of detachment will basically allow me to really let go and be okay to go with the flow. I’ve seen this kind of thing in the Disney movie ‘Frozen’, Elsa is singing, “Let it go, Let it Go”

For me – that’s always been a challenge. I really use the word “Challenge” here intentionally. The great thing is every day is an opportunity for me to reset and get it right. Let me elaborate on this , as it’s all sounding a little abstract at the moment.

I’ve always had issues around delegating, in an effort to avoid doing so, I take everything on myself instead. The narrative I’ve been running is ‘no one is going to do it to the same standard that I can’. Another one is ‘In the time it takes me to explain what needs to be done, I may as well do it myself’ In allowing these narratives to run the game, I’m robbed of really rising in this aspect of leadership. So, here I am, going out of my comfort zone, reaching out to this global team and asking for help keeping the ship running smoothly.

I’m creating an awareness on detaching from it that it’s not going to fall apart. I’m beginning to get an awareness around how I can let go.

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