Common vision creates harmony

I’ve been contemplating on the word ‘harmony’. It’s something that I’ve become really present to recently. Harmony is one of three words, which is a real, raw representation of who I am for others. It’s also an emotion that I am experiencing right now.

Let me explain what I mean – for the first time ever, the goals that I’ve set for myself this year feel as though they are coming to me, as opposed to me chasing them. It’s an amazing sensation, where I’m only putting in just a little bit of effort yet my goals are coming to fruition almost like they are chasing me. Somewhere else where I am experiencing harmony is where my whole team is working together towards one common vision even through we may not necessarily all agree on an aspect of the work we are doing.

A great example of this right now is where I’m the Head Coach for a Health & Fitness Transformation challenge. I’m looking after eighteen other coaches who are looking after around one hundred and fifty participants across six different time zones.

What’s to be expected and is actually happening is we all don’t do the things in the same way. Everyone shows up differently, yet at the end of the day, we all agree on one thing that is we want all the one hundred and fifty participants as well as ourselves to stand in the very best version of our health and wellness.

The first principle of the black belt mindset is Intention. Holding onto this Intention as a team creates a harmonious atmosphere, vibration and environment. It reminds me of a principle that Napoleon Hill talks about in his book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, which is the Mastermind Alliance concept. I say that because all the coaches are supportive of each other and the entire vision of this ninety day health transformation challenge.

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