The ACE coaching model

Today, I delivered some of the most powerful coaching I’ve ever experienced for myself around integrity and awareness. I’m currently using a model for coaching, which is called ACE. It stands for awareness, commitment, and existence. It brings awareness for the coachee about how things are, what could possibly be causing current results & what contributes to being unable to deliver on a promise.

The second part of the ACE model is the ‘C’ which stands for Commitment. It then ask the coachee “what do you commit to” or “what do you have to recommit to”, after becoming aware of the actions that did not work. The final E of the ACE model stands for Existence. It asks what you are putting in place to make sure we can get a new result this time around.   

I remembered that of the twelve values that are currently apart of the FITBANKER leadership team, awareness is at the very top. In the ACE model, the first letter also stands for awareness making it even more important as a value and as a concept.

Equally important is how we raise that awareness in coaching. The goals is to really paint a picture for people we are coaching, around the impact of their actions. I have a great example from my own experience.

I have reflected over the what is the direct impact is of not staying true to my word. What happens when I have one call scheduled but then another call gets booked on top of that and I need to override the first call. What are the bigger picture repercussions? We have to consider for example, the impact on the participants that are being served and the impact of that on your team – does their perception of you change? Do they perceive you as less reliable?  

Awareness is so important. I am now clear, that in the ACE model, 90% or even 95% of the time needs to be spent around creating and raising awareness, once we give the tools to people to be able to discover and have an awareness of their actions and the repercussions those action have – that behavior can then be tackled at the root. From there putting in the ‘C’ commitment and ‘E’ existence becomes quite straightforward.

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