Alignment & dis ease

My focus today is alignment of head, heart and hands. I want these three facets of my being to have alignment. What I think about (head), what I feel (heart) and the actions that I take (hands), have to be aligned with my core values.

Alignment is the second in the three-part series of who I am for others, who I am for humanity, who I am for my business, and who I am for the teams & communities I interact with. These three words are really powerful to me because they really help me to check in, when I’m feeling down or upset about something. Whenever I feel that I am away from my normal, cheerful, happy, bubbly, powerful, motivated, driven, self I can come back and check in on my core values.

Alignment became important to me because I realized that alignment was missing for most of my adult life and it made me feel horrible inside and more than that, my body communicated this to me by disease. The word disease is made up of ‘dis’ and ‘ease’ that’s exactly what I went through because I was so far out of alignment. The projects that I was working on didn’t feel close to my heart & I didn’t feel aligned with them and hence my performance was unpredictable.

This was bothering me because I deliver on what I promise. I think it, I feel it, and then I deliver on it. That’s what I am and what I want to be known for. It’s how I make sure that head, heart and hands are in alignment. For me, this alignment defines who I am for humanity. As alignment is the second word in a three-part video series, watch out for the third word ‘connection’ in a future post.

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