Deep connection

I’m pondering on what ‘connection’ means to me. It’s the ability just to be with another person and be not worried about the right thing to say. Sometimes, there just isn’t anything to say at all, but just to be there and be present and just able to breathe and be authentic and free.

I normally experience this in a group environment when being face to face with the another. This happens, regardless of who I’m with – I just genuinely love every opportunity to look into someone’s eyes and appreciate the divinity within them. This is what ‘Connection’ really means to me.

This sense of connection helps me define who I am for Humanity, what my greater why is & who I am for the coaches and consultants that I serve. I feel the word ‘connection’ doesn’t do the experience justice – an experience which just allows me to be with another, have no intention or motive but just to experience that being’s energy, aura and who they are for humanity.

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